Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NEW Stick Figure Family ULTIMATE!

Just got this artwork and I'm so excited!!! THis is a great collection and has everything you can imagine. WHatever your family's interests are you will find it here. Take a peek and create your custom family decal for your car! Price: $3.00 per person.

1) Pick your FACE.

2) Pick your BODY.

3) Pick a PET.

4) Pick a HOBBY.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big order in KY

I had a big order to take to Ky over Easter. THese are a few things I did.

Made these for the kids for Easter- BIG HIT! You can get the trays at Micheals for $6.00 or half price if you print out a coupon for 40 or 50% off.

Any of these items are available in any color, theme, font, or sayings. I love to experiment so just let me know what you may want.

Vinyl kit: $10.00 any theme

Plaques are 6"x17" - just Vinyl: $8.00 Kit: $10.00 (board-not painted & vinyl)
Fully finished board: $15.00

Wedding gift Tiles- Just Vinyl: $8.00
*You can purchase tiles at any home improvement store from .75 cents and up.

Wine glasses with Bride and Groom- Vinyl:$8.00 for set Glasses with Vinyl: $15.00

Teacher Name Boards- Finished: $10.00ea.

Monogrammed note book- Vinyl: $5.00 Fully made folder: $7.00

Monogrammed clipboards- SOLD OUT (ordering)!! Vinyl: $7.00 fully made: $12.00

Monogrammed Pencil boxes- Vinyl: $5.00 Fully made: $7.00

Spring Plaques for Door- $10.00